How to Properly Setup Payments in Quickbooks

Do you take credit card payments? Paypal payments?

If you do, AND you have Quickbooks, you likely know that the syncing of the payments and applying them to open invoices can be very cumbersome and often has many hitches Read more

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How to Properly Post and Manage Your Business Invoices

Sending out a new invoice for your business is exciting, right?

But when that new invoice isn’t paid on time … not so much. Late payments are a common problem that can really hurt your cash flow – so Read more

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Time-Saving Apps to Automate Your Bookkeeping Needs

Are you stuck In the ’90s? No, we don’t mean Beanie Babies and Designer Yo-Yo’s. But is your business stuck In the ’90s?

No new innovation? 

Maybe you are still hand-writing most of your mileage? 

Sending paper checks? 

Printing Read more

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3 Ways in Managing Paypal in Quickbooks

Do you use PayPal to accept payments in your business?  If so, you probably already know what a headache it can be trying to connect it to Quickbooks (never mind trying to manage the transactions) 

Don’t worry – it’s Read more

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Hey Siri, manage my books…..

Ever wish your bookkeeping + financial software was more like Siri? Especially for your business finance questions? 

Like, “Hey Siri – how can I reduce my business expenses?”, or, “Hey Siri – how can I increase my business’ profit Read more

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Did you know that according to a NSBA survey the average business owner is spending over 8 hours a MONTH working on federal business taxes and finances? That doesn’t even include the other financial tasks like state taxes, invoicing, Read more

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Tracking and Managing Receipts: Yep. There’s an app for that.

Maybe your system of storing receipts is great. Maybe it’s perfect. OR Maybe, just maybe, it’s like the episode of Seinfield where Jerry’s audit hinges on one missing receipt for $50 and it is nowhere to be found.

{For Read more

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