HELP- a note from our CEO, Kerry Postel

So, be honest – how many times have you been given unsolicited advice … by people who have absolutely NO business giving you advice?

🐶 Dog owners telling you how to parent your kids (because they think the same advice applies to kids and dogs)

💇🏻 Your mother-in-law telling you that you need to update your hairstyle (even though she still wears a 1960s beehive)

💼 Your friend who’s had the same corporate desk job for 11 years and says, “Let me tell you what you SHOULD be doing in your business.”

And if you really did have questions about parenting, hairstyles, and growing your small business … they are probably the LAST people you’d talk to, right?

Because they just haven’t been where you are.

And especially as a small business owner, you want to work with people who really GET the entrepreneur life: the highs, the lows, the creativity, the difficulties – the whole picture.

Guess what?  I do – I get it because I’m an entrepreneur, too ❤️

And that makes me a better bookkeeper – way beyond the numbers – with all of my clients:

😬 No need to feel guilty for falling behind – I’m here to help you, and know first-hand how hard it is to keep all the plates spinning in a small business

📱 When I find an app or software that saves me time in my own business – like with client onboarding or helpful automation – I’ll share it with you (Make sure you are following us on our social media pages)

📊 And when we run your financial reports, I’ll explain exactly how you can use that information to make your specific business model easier and more profitable

Seriously – I’m way more than just a bookkeeper 😉

I’m a fellow entrepreneur with a head for numbers, and I want to help you holistically – not just as a spreadsheet, but as a full business owner.

That’s how I take care of all of my small business clients – and I’d love to give the same care to you and your business, too.

So if you want a bookkeeper who’s MORE than just a bookkeeper – just reach out and schedule a free consulting call today.

Nothing lights me up more than helping other small businesses succeed – and I’d love to help you and your business, too.

Kerry Postel – Founder CEO Principal

Abacus Business Solutions

Has Higher National Diploma in Business and Finance, Certified in QuickBooks, Member of American Institute of Bookkeepers, and over 20 years of bookkeeping experience including construction, travel, restaurants, events management, and other various professional services.

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